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What did I just write? Bleh. I don’t even remember what I wrote… I think I’m sleep writing. 

Obviously, I like TV. Always have. But, wow, are we in the golden age of television. So many good shows out there for different reasons!

Breaking Bad is over, it ended fantastically. Could not have asked for a better ending to wrap it up nicely.

Dexter…oh, Dexter. I loved the show. Season 1 and 5 were my favorites and I loved a lot of the other seasons. Even the last season started off well, the ending was, as you’ve most certainly heard, awful. I would’ve preferred the show to have ended on much better note, but what’s done is done. 

The Walking Dead has been awesome. It’s had it’s lulls, but I really think season 4 really dug into the ground and took off. Character development has been terrific! 

True Detective. True. Detective. Matthew McConaughey. Woody Harrelson. I wanted to watch it when I heard about it and I saw the cast, but put off watching it until the season was over. I am so glad I did. I binge watched all 8 episodes within 4 days. Wow. The characters were amazing! I cannot praise the show enough. I thought Breaking Bad was almost perfection. This show is right on par with it, but condensed into one season. It’s very refreshing to have a show know how it’s going to end. Have the whole story written out, and not extended because the show could make more money. It’s satisfying having a journey and knowing that it’s going to end.

Mad Men. AMC is really on it’s game. I’m glad they’re ending the show for the same reasons I’ve talked about above. I feel like it hasn’t fizzled out and that’s great. Let’s go out with a bang and not with a snore or a bore.

Blah blah blah. I can’t sleep. I’m writing about TV. What’s new? G’night, guys and gals.  

Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time (Internationally). It’s still number 4 in the US. Source

I’m definitely not trying to take anything away from the movie, because, as a 25 year old man(child), I was pleasantly surprised! It has good characters, a great message, and fantastic music. I do think that it was mostly the music that made it such a hit. It reached top of the charts on iTunes and Billboard. That’s a tremendous amount of exposure. 

This is good news for Disney because it’s the first Oscar they’ve won sans Pixar. 

That being said, I believe there are quite a few animated movies that are overall…better. Better characters, better story, better (or maybe equal importance) message. 

In no particular order, I think these movies deserve some mention (in recent years): Up, The Incredibles, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled… you get the picture. 

Was there a point to this posting? Nah. Just voicing my opinion. 

Regardless, Frozen deserved the Academy Award and deserves to be number 1 internationally, let’s just not forget or dismiss other animated movies. Long live animation!